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Rachel (Rae) Weiss,

Certified Dating Coach

Well Hello There!

Welcome to Dream Life Out Loud! My name is Rae, Certified Dating Coach and Client Operations Coordinator. I’m thrilled to work with you for all your relationship coaching needs, while making sure your experience with Dream Life Out Loud is seamless, personalized, and transformative.
Embarking on a coaching journey is an exciting endeavor, and I am here to listen, empower, and challenge you every step of the way. With my background in psychology, communications, and dating in my 20s, I specialize in helping clients overcome challenges related to navigating singlehood, improving their sex life, relationship avoidance and anxiety, navigating early 20s, body image and confidence, and other general relationship challenges.
So, if you find yourself constantly picking the wrong person, feeling stilted in communication in your relationship, curious to understand your sexuality/sexual preferences, or wanting to improve general or body confidence, I’m your gal!
My mission is to create an environment that fosters growth, empowers you to reach your aspirations, and ensures that you receive the highest level of support throughout your coaching journey. Thank you for choosing Dream Life Out Loud, and I look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you!

Going Deeper.

Since I was a child, I have discussed and challenged societal functions with my dad. He has guided my ability to think critically about human interactions, both interpersonal and structural. Coming from a multicultural background, I have explored my own identity as a bisexual Jewish Asian American. Growing up with an awareness of my identity within my environmental context ignited my interests in relational dynamics and women’s empowerment.
As a Certified Dating Coach, I now focus on helping clients overcome challenges related being young and single or young and coupled as both come with their challenges.
My hope is that these past engagements and my current coaching practice will lead to further impacts on positive psychology and relational health throughout my career.

My Coaching Services

Romance & Intimacy


Body & Self Worth

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Rae also serves as our Client Operations Coordinator, offering complimentary consultations for new and prospective psychotherapy and consulting clients. She is the first friendly face and guides new clients through the onboarding experience with Dream Life Out Loud.

(Rae does not offer psychotherapy services)

Competencies & Relevant Work


Certified Life Coach (2024) – Certified Life Coach Institute

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (2023) – University of San Diego

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