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Brian Anthony Prester

Greetings–I’m glad we found each other!

Are you here because you’re exhausted from people-pleasing and passivity? Are you here because you find yourself using alcohol, drugs, or food to cope with emotions? Are you here because you want to stop the cycle of having relationships with emotionally unavailable people or perhaps you feel incapable of being vulnerable yourself? Are you here because of perpetual anxiety despite months or years of therapy? Are you here because you find it impossible to be your authentic self? If any of these reasons resonate for you and you are ready for radical change and growth, then you have found the therapist for you.

About me: I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and Approved Supervisor in Washington State. I am also licensed to practice in Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Vermont. I graduated from Simmons College with a Master of Social Work in 2016, and I have provided social work services and therapy to folks in outpatient behavioral health clinics, jails, residential treatment facilities, involuntary psychiatric hospitals, community-based settings, and in private practices. 

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My Style.

I am anti-racist, decolonized, intersectional, and relational. In practice, this means I encourage brave conversations and do not tolerate perpetuating oppression; that I seek to interrupt and dismantle white supremacy culture; that I consider the impact of all identities present in the therapy space and bring attention to identities most marginalized; and that I give primacy to connection and safety in the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. Full disclosure: I do not fragilize my clients. I will ask provoking questions. I will challenge and confront. I will invite you to sit with me in discomfort. And I will do so with loving kindness. Above all, I value having reciprocal relationships with my clients. I suspect you want to be able to take what I have to offer and make use of it–hopefully to serve your authentic self. Likewise, I want you to show up and do the necessary work for radical change and growth. The therapeutic relationship is give and take like any effective adult relationship. It probably will be hard, and it probably will be worth it. You get to decide!

My Services


Wellness Consulting


Going Deeper.

I am the social worker and therapist I am today because of my lived experiences. I am a radically authentic bilingual queer Black Korean American cisgender man living with chronic illness and ADHD. I became a social worker after chronic illness sidelined me from a career as a professional pilot. I started flying airplanes in 2001 shortly after 9/11 while still in high school, and by 2007 I was a flight instructor. The Universe had different plans for me. It seemed the harder I tried to be an airline pilot, the sicker I got. The truth is I was in denial about being sick and out of fear of losing my medical certificate, I avoided diagnosis and treatment. Avoidance and denial is what made me sicker. I eventually let go of (what I now know is radically accepted) my reality, and in 2012 my chronic illness was given a name. Becoming a social worker and therapist led me to realize I still had a lot of self work to do, and I was motivated to do this work because I am a firm believer that I can only take my clients as far as I have gone in my own work. So I continued my own therapy and not only overcame the challenges that followed a chronic illness diagnosis and career change but also childhood trauma. 

In more recent years, I became a survivor of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and anxious attachment, all remnants of childhood parentification. I discovered along the way the more I healed, the better I served my clients and the more I was able to be authentic in the spaces I occupy. I share all this to normalize my own humanity and to model the possibilities of change and healing. Without shame, I can admit that realizing and accepting the role I played in my own suffering and learning to unapologetically own my authentic self led me to experience the most radical changes and growth. I want that for you too. What do you want? Know that pain is inevitable. Suffering, however, is optional. So do you want radical change and growth? Do you want to reduce suffering? Then let me join you on your radical journey of healing.         

Competencies & Relevant Work


Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker – License #LW61009097 

Mental Health Professional  

Approved Clinical Supervisor  

Graduate Certificate in Foundations of Clinical Supervision (2022) – Smith College 

Master of Social Work (2016) – Simmons College 

  • Concentration: Clinical Social Work 

DBT Skills for Mental Health Professionals (2019) – Behavioral Tech 

Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk (2017) – Veterans Training Support Center 

Bachelor of Science, Liberal Arts (2014) – Excelsior College 

  • Concentration: Human Services 


Simmons College School of Social Work, Shirley Saks Greenberg Academic Award for Integrating Theory to Clinical Practice, 2016  


Bettencourt, M., Cottonham, D., Prester, B., & Rojas, E. (2021). Treating racial stress: Multicultural interventions in Blended Care Therapy. Lyra Health: Burlingame, California. 

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