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Why didn’t anyone tell us adulting would be so…messy!

The Messy Middle Support Group is back this Fall! Sign up to join our second cohort.

As women in the messy middle ourselves, we understand that wonderful feeling of independence and managing things our way, but that comes with a lot of challenging dynamics in every area of our lives. We are establishing ourselves and growing in our careers or trying to figure it out. With family, some of them simply don’t understand or respect our boundaries making it even more difficult to maintain healthy relationships… And don’t get us to talking about dating. Everyone’s go to solution – “have you tried online dating?” Yes, we’ve tried it and maybe it worked but now we’re in a relationship and managing co-habitation with a partner who plays video games all day…

Join us this September 2023 to unpack the mess and figure out how to thrive in this messy middle!

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Participating in this group will give you the opportunity to dive deeper into self-awareness as you understand various parts of who you are and get to know the fullness that is you! 


Ugh, there’s just something about transitions that are so uncomfortable and yet so abundant. Transitions can be an opportunity for growth, reflection, and connection while also be filled with discomfort, shame, confusion, and something that is just outright not fun. Join this support group to learn new ways to approach boundaries and other skills to manage transition during this messy middle time of your life. 

From make up to break ups to career changes and ongoing changes in relationships with family, we can be intentional with our energy and create healthy outcomes. 

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Cheers to you! You are doing a GOOD job. Congrats on that promotion, or that relocation, or for purchasing your first home!! 

At the same time…

How do we thrive during such a time as this?

How can we achieve all the things that we desire while also trying to figure out this complicated and amazing time of our lives?

Let’s talk about how we can thrive even during our messy middle. 

Support Group Facilitator

Sarah Orihu, LMFTA

Sarah Orihu, LMFTA is an African-American woman who sets her foundation on humility, collaboration, and commitment. She is a Licensed Couples & Family Therapist Associate who seeks to address the needs of individuals in the context of family, social & cultural systems while working from a strength-based perspective

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Information & Pricing

The Messy Middle Support Group

There is power in collective healing and our support groups are the perfect complement for your individual therapy, or offer a more affordable investment for wellness when factoring finances. Reach out for a consultation to learn more about guest speakers, specific topics for each week, and find out if this could be a brave space for you to work through the messy middle.

8 weeks; Wednesdays, September 27 – November 15, 2023 | Reach out today to join our Fall 2023 cohort.

Weekly sessions on Wednesdays 6:30 – 8pm

$700 Investment

Payment options available. We accept all major credit cards, Health Savings Account (HSA) card or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) card. Payment is required before the time of services.

Participation includes a customized Dream Life Out Loud Workbook to work through each week and to keep for ongoing review of your work post group and beyond

Target age range 26-ish to 34-ish

Space is LIMITED, don’t wait – book a consultation today!

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