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Are you ready to take your life to the next level? I can help you define who you are becoming and begin taking steps towards living the life of your dreams.

My coaching philosophy is rooted in a model which asserts our thoughts dictate our feelings which ultimately lead to the outcomes we become witness to in our everyday lives. Self-care is the cornerstone to my personal coaching approach, particularly our ability to be compassionate with ourselves and minimize negative thoughts. In One-to-One coaching, I work to understand your life goals and aid in developing an action plan

to help you achieve progress and success. My joy is being your cheerleader when you need some pep and your favorite boot camp coach when you need a stronger, caring nudge.

Are you’re finding yourself dissatisfied with your life or career, unwilling to take the lessons failure has to offer? Stop scrolling through others timelines and start creating real joy in your life. Let’s work from the inside out and create a life you love.

What to Expect

While every coaching relationship is different, the typical coaching cycle follows the structure outlined below.

The Foundation

Sessions 1-3

  • In the opening session, I get an opportunity to learn more about what led you to this transitional period. We’ll focus portions of the first couple sessions on a bit of background.
  • We’ll have an opportunity for you to dream your life out loud! What that life looks like, feels like, who is present, and who doesn’t make the cut. You’ll be amaze by how much of your dream life you can start working towards NOW.
  • We’ll jump right into self-care, rituals, and mantras.


Sessions 4-7

  • Begin uncovering current business and personal endeavors. We’ll spend time understanding what roadblocks are in your way and introduce tools to remove them.
  • Thoughts! We’re going to start examining your thoughts. Which ones are serving you, which are preventing you from being the best version of yourself.
  • Along with thoughts, we’ll work on reframing your lenses. How can we see the best in the worst and start celebrating the smallest of victories?

Dreaming Out Loud

Sessions 8-10

  • Reinforcements.
  • More tools for coping with all the stuff life throws your way.
  • Exercise confidence building tools.
  • Lessons on Reframing
  • Mastering personal development tools.
  • Breaking bad habits and developing new practices.
  • Any additional topics that arise which can be coached around.

Coaching Packages

I currently offer 50-minute sessions with the following options:

Upgrade Me

The Works. Looking to totally #bossup your life? This is the package for you if you know you’re ready to take things to the next level and really to dig deep and uncover who you are becoming.

10 Sessions

Dream Out Loud

Let’s figure this out. Are you ready to start exploring how to dream life out loud? This package is best for uncovering what might be holding you back. If you’re ready to begin the transformation, this is a good start.

6 Sessions


Need a little nudge. This package is great for sparking the flame to begin the path of self-improvement, awareness and owning your story. Clients can start here and add additional sessions as needed.

3 Sessions

If you’re a past client looking for a refresher, please consider a Remix Session. We can determine next steps and explore a customized package to fit your needs.

*All coaching packages come with customized support via email and text for the duration of the coaching relationship.
Visit our Coahing FAQs for more information. Click Here.