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See What Clients Are Saying About Danielle

In sharing your story, you didn't shy away from being vulnerable and acknowledging the defeat/depression you felt. I think this courage to share your truth helped you connect with the audience in ways that others may not have achieved. If you want authenticity, professionalism and inspiration to take action, work with Danielle Henry.

Kisa NishimotoThe Riveter, Regional Director of Events

I’ve always appreciated that Danielle’s thoughts and comments seem very grounded. I’m a left-brain person so I struggle with ephemeral ideas; but what she says always means something for me. And, she has this ability to say what she’s going to say and she doesn’t have to say it several times over. I like the weird silence and letting it filter through the layers of my brain. She’s super flexible – always meeting me right where I’m at. Especially things that were really difficult for me; she always has a way of making me feel safe.

AnonymousPsychotherapy Client

Danielle is a extraordinary coach. She is like a mirror -- only she's reflecting back to me the truest parts of myself. She asks the perfect questions, as if she knows exactly what I need to hear myself say in the answer. She is deeply grounded, fully present, and incredibly respectful of my process. Thank you, Danielle, for supporting me as I've deepened into myself. You are a gift in the process of wholeness and healing.

Kelly HerzbergSweet Kelly Anne Styling

What a blessing to partner with Dream Life Out Loud. I was experiencing anxiety about my first professional workshop presentation. Danielle consulted with me, and was able to create a professional presentation which aesthetically mirrored my content par excellence! I felt confident in my role as a leader and presenter. The feedback was positive, and the conference leadership was very pleased.

Rev. Dr. Troy Lynn CarrGrace United Methodist Church

Danielle has a wonderful balance of centering energy and "move things forward" energy. Both are so necessary for navigating change in life – if you want your audience to understand the importance of that balancing act, Danielle is your person.

Lara DalchWomen on the Rise Podcast

Throughout my time with Danielle Henry, she was able to guide me through some challenging moments in my life with care and attention. I appreciate all the love she showed me through affirmation and honesty. Danielle brought a lot of clarity to the way I walk through life and has prepared me for the next chapter!

AnonymousPsychotherapy Client

It's nice to have somebody who knows how to help me. It's made me think more deeply about the things I do and what they mean.

AnonymousAdolescent Psychotherapy Client
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