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Couples Therapy

Permission to Forgive

Our work with couples is grounded in an understanding that at a foundational level, partners are seeking to have specific attachment needs met. Our approach is rooted in Gottman and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, however we are committed to addressing the contextual and cultural factors which we observe to be most prevalent in working effectively with ethnic couples.

As a practice that serves communities of color with a systemic family approach, we recognize the impact of negative racial experiences, unattended multigenerational attachment injuries, and internal and external experiences. Exploring these factors and more offers a direct approach for relationship distress that inhibits connection, emotionality, and vulnerability.

Presenting Problems Impacting Couples of Color

As a practice that serves communities of color from a systemic approach, we often work through common challenges and attune to the following dynamics within couples of color:

  • Chronic Stress: research indicates high levels of relationship distress stemming from negative racial experiences.
  • Foundational Attachment Issues: unattended multigenerational attachment injuries.
  • Relational Functioning: identifying external experiences prohibitive for connection, emotionality and vulnerability.

Permission to Thrive

When couples thrive,

families and

entire communities thrive.

What to Expect

Couples engage in therapy for a myriad of reason, though we anticipate at least 12-16 sessions for most presenting challenges. Each phase of treatment focuses on specific skills need to build what the Gottman’s call a Sound Relationship House – built for sustainability in the long haul.




Relationship background

and history taking.




Developing new skills

and tools.




Skills for




2-4 Sessions

Review and


Permission to Heal

Relationships are…complicated. But, there is hope and we support couples in establishing a plan based on their unique presenting challenges, contextual factors and strengths. Couples work includes;

Blended Families

Transition to Parenthood & Parenting Differences


Multiracial Couples

In-law Conflict


Financial Stress

Relationship Satisfaction

Conflict Resolution

Dismantling old patterns

Intimacy & Desire


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