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Applicants who identify as Black and/or African American are strongly encouraged to apply. Learn More




About The Practice

Dream Life Out Loud, PLLC is a rapidly growing virtual mental health & wellness company. We offer psychotherapy, coaching and corporate wellness and racial equity programs. We are growing our team to meet the demands for Greater Seattle area communities of color, particularly Black individuals, couples and families. Our mission is to empower individuals, couples and families to understand themselves more deeply through healing and growth for the mind, body and spirit. We aim to help people heal from the global institution of systemic racism, racial injustice, discrimination and prejudice.


All applicants must work from a trauma-informed holistic framework and have experience in our areas of specialty. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to work with Black individuals, couples and families and other communities of color.

Therapist are expected to perform professional and ethical clinical services to clients. Full-Time clinicians are asked to provide at least 25 clinical hours per week, which means scheduling 26-28 clients per week.

  • Trauma/Racial Trauma
  • Workplace Stress
  • Sexuality & Gender Identity
  • Self-Worth/Self-Esteem
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief & Loss
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Systemic Family Therapy

Collaborative Care

As a boutique psychotherapy practice, we often collaborate with several client types within one family system. Candidates will have experience developing integrative approaches to treat individuals in the context of their family, social, and community systems. Effective clinicians willl have an entrepreneurial approach to their caseload and career. Coordination of care will include:

  • Collaboration with colleagues
  • Coordinated care
  • Theory-based conceptualizations
  • Treatment planning
  • Leadership, autonomy, and career purpose

Must be licensed in the state of California and/or Washington – full or associate license, LMFT or LMHC.

Additional training in EMDR and other modalities is a plus, but not required.

Practice Support

The practice coordinates filling our clinicians’ schedules with clients, billing, scheduling, and all other administrative tasks. We create a collaborative environment by offering multiple weekly clinical consultations and supervision. We pride ourselves on offering quality care to our clients, therefore, we offer ongoing continuing education and training to our clinicians to keep us up to date on all the most current clinical and therapeutic interventions.


Practice schedule is flexible, qualified applicants will maintain a minimum caseload that consists of at least 25 direct client hours per week. Candidates must be willing to regularly contribute to leading evening support group one (1) night/week. We request a minimum commitment of 2 years to the practice. Clinician’s determine their own schedule, though we ask that you aim to meet with clients within our core practice hours, specific days and times are determined by you.

Competitive Pay Structure

We offer competitive compensation, increased based on experience and development of expertise. Paid onboarding and administrative pay. As a practice, we ensure our entire team feels empowered to influence our culture and advance specific team moments that amplify belonging. This is a full-time W-2 employee position with the following benefits;

  • Contracted supervision for associates
  • Regular staff meetings and staff developement
  • EHR tool, email, and technology setup
  • Marketing and client care
  • Healthcare stipend with full-time caseload
  • CEU Stipend for education and training opportunities