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Rachel (Rae) Weiss

Well Hello There!

I can’t wait to meet you! I’m Rae and as your first contact with Dream Life Out Loud my intention is to make a warm, kind, and authentic connection! Deciding to start therapy here is an exciting time and I am honored to be here to help facilitate this process as smoothly as possible.
I am an undergraduate student at the University of San Diego majoring in psychology with a minor in communications. I have a deep passion for mental health and human rights so I have spent a lot of time getting involved in political campaigns, sex education, child care, and assisting facilitated parental visitations.

Going Deeper.

Since I was a child I have discussed and challenged societal functions with my dad. Instead of playing with toys we played devil’s advocate when it came to conversations about gender and race norms. Coming from a multicultural background, I have had to investigate my own identity as a bisexual Jewish Asian American. Growing up with an awareness of my occasional identity battles within my environmental context ignited my interests in racial equality and women’s empowerment.

These passions accompanied me through college melded with a love of psychology and humanity. Even now, I am frequently in learning environments with individuals who don’t identify as I do. I am learning to proudly bring my authentic self without trying to fit neatly into one identity or the other. While I am still, and always will be, on my spiritual healing path, introspection and self-compassion allows me to confidently wear my skin.

Rae serves as our Client Care Coordinator, offering complimentary consultations for new and prospective clients. She is the first friendly face and guides new clients through the onboarding experience with Dream Life Out Loud.

(Rae does not offer psychotherapy services)

Competencies & Relevant Work


University of San Diego (Expected Graduation: 2023) – Psychology Major, Communication Minor

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