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Our wellness and equity programs are unique in that they feature a bottom-up approach, aiming to develop sustainable employee coping strategies for negative racial workplace experiences. Our programs complement efforts to initiate equity and eliminate implicit bias, discrimination and prejudice within workforces.


Our customized programs serve to mitigate adverse outcomes resulting from such experiences in the workplace.

Workplace mental health & wellness for diverse employees is critical and complements racial equity programs to eliminate implicit bias and discrimination

Wellness and racial equity consulting services include the following, and other customized programs to fit the needs for your organization:

Meet Our Lead Consultant, Danielle

With a blend of experiences in corporate spaces over a 13-year career in marketing leading global teams and now as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, Danielle Henry is uniquely positioned to support organizations create space for the development of programs that address systemic racism and negative outcomes impacting diverse workforces.

Danielle is a Mental Health Therapist, Empowerment Coach, Racial Equity Consultant, and Speaker. As a former 6-year marketing executive at Microsoft, she draws from personal experiences of race discrimination and retaliation in tech to motivate women and people of color to release themselves from the victimhood of their lives. After experiencing discrimination herself, Danielle embarked on a major career pivot. Danielle has combined her passion, leadership and specialized skillset to promote self discovery and resilience in others.


Our consulting projects aim to empower black communities around the world to heal from the global institution of racial injustice, discrimination and prejudice. The center of our work is the advancement of holistic wellness; tapping into ancestral insights of power and spiritual attunement, mental health programs rooted in evidence-based research and tools, and collaborative care centered around the unique experiences of black individuals, couples, families, communities and work groups.


Our approach incorporates systemic therapy treatment models: combining  a transgenerational approach for the purpose of identifying themes that inform coping with negative racial experiences across generation and a collaborative language-based postmodern approach is leveraged to highlight the ways people of color make sense of their experiences in order identify new opportunities for interpreting and narrating their story.

Our programs are trauma-informed, culturally attuned mental health and wellness work groups ranging from psychotherapy for individual, couples, families, process groups to racial healing for black work groups. We offer specialized services for non-black allies committed to racial equity, advancement of black healing, mental health and holistic wellness.

Our Consulting Partners: Employee and Business Resource Groups, Work Groups & Teams, Employee Groups of Color

We know mental health stigma in black communities stems from trauma. We know the barriers to receiving exceptional care are intensified by institutional racism. We know that healthy black families, couples and individuals are a force to reckon with and our ability heal and grow from racial inequity has never been more critical.

We specialize in trauma-informed, culturally attuned mental health and wellness programs and racial healing consulting for black work groups. We also offer specialized services for non-black allies committed to racial equity, the advancement of black healing, mental health and holistic wellness.Visit the Consulting page to learn more about our culturally relevant, trauma-informed racial healing group programs.

Projects: Support groups, wellness workshops, customized programming.