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Dreams do come true…

About Us

Dream Life Out Loud is a mental health & wellness company. We are a Blacked-owned and led psychotherapy and consulting group practice based in Seattle, Washington. While our coaching consulting services are worldwide, we serve therapy clients in Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota and Vermont where we offer virtual sessions and the option for in-person services in Seattle.

We are a multidisciplinary team of mental health clinicians with an integrative care approach to mental health treatment and wellness, we guide clients through skills and tools centered around their unique lived experiences, needs, identity, relationships and community.

While actively and directly decolonizing mental health and wellness, we understand the predisposition to trauma for persons of color. We examine the outcomes of racism, xenophobia, colonization and white supremacy with each client and empower them to establish epistemic justice by way of their personal narratives.

The genesis of our practice began in 2018. As a former 6-year marketing executive at Microsoft, our founder Danielle Jenkins Henry, LMFTA, tapped into personal experiences with racism and discrimination, marriage, and motherhood to empower women and people of color to heal from negative gender and racial experiences. As a result, we advance systemic theory and evidenced based interventions for therapy and consulting with organizations for racial healing in the workplace.Visit the Wellness Consulting page to learn more about our culturally relevant corporate wellness services.

Our Services


Explores both past and present. Clinical oriented diagnosis and mental health dysfunction.


Aimed at helping you achieve results. Future oriented, performance driven.

Wellness Consulting

Corporate consulting & facilitation aimed at employee empowerment and healing.


Dynamic speaker services aimed at empowerment, wellness and healing.


Our mission is to promote healing and liberation for marginalized communities through holistic wellness.


Our vision is to support our clients in discovering the beauty and depth in the range of human experiences in order to tap into their greatest power and good.

We understand the barriers to receiving exceptional care are fortified by institutional racism and white supremacy. We aim to eliminate mental health stigma as a means to help communities heal and grow from racial inequity.


  • Authenticity – We empower our clients to show up 100% as they are. We believe our worth is measured by our ability to breathe life, thus we meet our clients exactly where they are. With all the complexity and range of human experiences, without authenticity then what are we doing, who’s life are we living?
  • Safety – We value the sacred nature of the therapeutic experience. It is with great care that we set an intention to create safety in honoring every one of our clients’ unique lived experiences.
  • Trust – We hope that as we build rapport and enter into your world, we can gain your trust in knowing that the work we do will support your healing journey.
  • Empathy – With great intentionality, we all come from a unique story. As we create a foundation of deep listening, it is our hope that we can authentically meet you exactly where you are.
  • Vulnerability – When we think of vulnerability, the first word that comes to mind is transparency. We recognize diving deep into our lives is not as easy task, but if we have the courage to be vulnerable with ourselves, it can lead to healing and radical transformation.

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“Dream Life Out Loud, PLLC is our response to a millennium old global caste system in which Black people are at the very bottom of the bottom. Upon the backs of Black folks, the world’s wealthiest nation was built, for free. The trauma of enslavement runs through our blood, underscoring the persistence of racial inequity and oppression. As Black therapists, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired and aim to amplify the power of healing for communities of color because it has never been more critical.”

-Danielle Jenkins Henry, LMFTA, Founder and Site Supervisor

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