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Youth, Teens, and Young Adults

Are you in search of a dedicated teen therapist or a compassionate counselor for kids in WA? Look no further. Dream Life Out Loud is your go-to expert for youth counseling services in Washington.

Navigating constant transition is difficult for the most emotionally savvy adults, so imagine what the last two years have been like for our kiddos, teens and young adults. We understand the unprecedented nature of change young people are experiencing and work with families to provide support and safety for youth and young adults to sort through these changes. 

Offering support for youth clients while supporting families in attuning to their needs inform the outcomes and treatment strategies we adopt in our work. Our approach is client centered, and with young people at the helm, we establish the safety they need, while also offering tools for families to facilitate the necessary change for our young clients to thrive.

Youth Centered Therapy Goals

Developmental Focus on Change

Enhanced Communication & Coping Skills

Autonomy, Independence and Resilience

Cultural Identity Awareness

Integrative Person Centered Approach

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Our Approach to Youth Services

We understand the complexities of working with young people. Therapy is most effective when a trusting relationship exists between the therapist and client, and young people need to feel free to discuss and drive their work without fear that their thoughts and feelings will be immediately communicated to their parents. Our approach offers both a rich opportunity for young clients to establish autonomy in their work and healing, but also integrates support for parents and families to be informed about our progress. 

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Challenges for Young People

School Problems: disciplinary issues, absence and truancy

Behavioral Challenges: anger management, emotional regulation

Cultural identity and acculturation

Peer relationship & social skills

Mental Health: depression, anxiety, trauma, family conflict

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