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Winter 2024



Dream Life Out Loud offers quarterly support groups covering a range of topics. Our collective community healing spaces offer both a powerful experience to engage with individuals going through similar life challenges and provide participants with the feeling of being seen and understood in unique ways.

Our support groups are virtual, offering convenience and opportunities for individuals across the country.

Benefits of Support Groups

Improved coping skills

Reduction of stress, depression and anxiety symptoms

Brave space to talk openly, honestly and authentically about your challenges

Increased motivation to address challenges

Amplified sense of empowerment

Safe space for genuine feedback and support

Education on your symptoms and chronic issues

Support Group Topics

Our quarterly support groups  cover the following topics:

Life Transitions

Balance, Wellness & Self Care

Depression & Anxiety

Workplace Stress

Relationship issues

And so much more!

What our clients are saying?

“I’m used to dealing with situations and issues on my own and keep it to myself in fear of being a burden to others. I was able to seek support from this group and pour into them, it was comforting.”

-Past Dream Life Out Loud Support Group Participant

Interested in joining one of our groups? Contact our team