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Dear Black Men

We See You

In our eyes, you are our Kings. We see the struggle; we see your pride, your joy, and your unwavering commitment to your families and communities. We see the invisible daily battles of men who are unseen, undervalued, and unappreciated. We see your strength and your power. Rise up Kings and let’s be about this healing!

We Celebrate You

So much SWAG! Can’t nobody do it like you.

Raise a glass because you have already accomplished so much.

Don’t you forget that!

We Need You

We need you to heal from the known and unknown traumas of being a Black man. We need you to tap into your power to break the curses of dysfunction in our families. We need you to create a new legacy for our babies. We are counting on you to heal, to grow and to be GREAT; because we believe in you!

We Got You

We will walk alongside you when the road gets dark and the path is unclear. We will check your blindspots and guide you through the pain. We will support you with the space and grace to do your work. Forget what you heard, your vulnerability is a superpower. We got you.

You ready? Let's get started!